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Something About Victoria


Victoria's interview with gallery owner Mark Sublette from February, 2019

Victoria Wilson Roberts, a Los Angeles native living in Joshua Tree, CA, has worked professionally in a variety of arts including animation, graphic art, wood and ceramic sculpture, and assemblage. She was brought up in an artistic family, her father, (John D. Wilson), was an artist and animator and was devoted to nurturing his children’s artistic abilities.


In the early 70’s, Victoria learned the art of hand-painting animation cells and contributed to several animated segments for television including; The Sonny and Cher Show, The Carol Burnett Show, and worked on animation for films such as Grease and Shinbone Alley. She also had the opportunity to study art at Sir John Cass College of Art in London, learning the foundations such as life drawing, printmaking, still life drawing and painting.


By the 1980’s, Victoria was working in ceramic and wood sculpture, exhibiting in galleries across the country. It was during this time that she was first introduced to and fell in love with the idea of using found objects in art, and studied under Assemblage artist Ron Robertson in Santa Barbara.


The 90’s found Victoria branching off in another direction—she started a business selling art and antiques, and eventually managing major art shows including the Los Angeles Art Show, American Indian Art Show Marin, The Great Southwestern Antique Show, and Brian Lebel’s  Old West Shows.


After years of working in the antique and art business, her focus inevitably turned back to her art. Her current works are infused with her lifelong devotion to art, with the inspiration she gained from her experience in both the art and antique worlds.  


Victoria Roberts artwork is collected both nationally, by acclaimed gallerists and collectors, as well as internationally, with collectors in France, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan.

Victoria is currently represented by Mark Sublette’s Medicine Man Gallery in Tucson, AZ, and K.R. Martindale Gallery in Venice, CA


2022 29 Palms Art Gallery, Artist Guild Juried Show, 29 Palms CA, Winner 3rd Place

2021 29 Palms Art Gallery, Artist Guild Juried Show, 29 Palms CA, Winner 2nd Place

2021 Objects of Art, Santa Fe

2020 Objects of Art: San Francisco, CA

2020 LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA

2019 Objects of Art: Santa Fe, NM

2019 Armory Winter Show, New York, NY

2019 LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA

2018 Objects of Art: Santa Fe, NM

2018 Solo Show, Stars & Stripes Forever Medicine Man Gallery, Tucson, AZ

2018 LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA

2017 25th Anniversary Show Medicine Man Gallery, Tucson, AZ

2017 Objects of Art, Los Angeles, CA

2017 LA Art Show: LA, Los Angeles, CA

2011-2017 Objects of Art: Santa Fe, NM

2014 Outsiders Outside Art Fair, Judith Racht Gallery, Harbert, MI

2013 Ojai Art Festival, Ojai, CA

2012 Diverted Destruction, The Loft, Los Angeles, CA

2012 West Coast Art Assemblage, The Beat Art Gallery, Ukiah, CA

2011 Art From Beyond, Mendocino, CA

2010 Assembled, MorYork Gallery, curated by Claire Graham, Los Angeles, CA


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